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The current version of Ancestral Legacy saw its beginning in the Autumn of 2002. After the band Permafrost metamorphosed into the symphonic extreme metal band Ancestral Legacy in the late 90ies, the band once again faced big changes when 2/3 of the core members left the ship in Spring 2002. After the break and recruiting of new members, the band changed style to a more diverse blend of metal, influenced by bands like Amorphis, The Gathering, Opeth, Katatonia and Novembre.

A long string of demos were recorded from 2000 and onward, but due to various circumstances the first official and proper release wasn't out until 2008, the 5 track EP "Trapped Within The Words". Later the albums "Nightmare Diaries" (2010, recorded in the same session as the EP) and "Terminal" (2014) have been released. The band has played live in Norway, The Netherlands, Germany and France, and shared stage with bands like Sirenia, Green Carnation and Ulver.

About "The Silent Frontier":

There are frontiers meant to be crossed. There are silences made to be broken. That is what ANCESTRAL LEGACY (Norway) and VEIL OF MIST (France) decided to do with that common recording born from a long friendship between Eddie and Jean-Baptiste, their respective masterminds. Both bands play a kind of dark and melodic female-fronted Metal but, in truth, have not much to do with what is known as the « female-fronted scene ». Throughout the past years, after sharing some live dates in 2010 and because of an obvious likemindedness, the idea slowly took form to release a split EP which would be the fruit of a real collaboration, not just two bands putting a couple of unused songs together to earn some extra bucks.

That resulted in more than one hour of music including two new songs written by both bands altogether, with one recorded mainly by Ancestral Legacy and one recorded mainly by Veil of Mist. Each band contributed one brand new song, one re-recording of an old song and one coversong, Ancestral Legacy covering the famous French pop artist Mylène Farmer and Veil of Mist covering the luciferian neo-classical band Elend of Holy Records fame. On the physical version of the EP you can also find and
extra track for each band : A classically-orchestrated medley of previously released songs for Ancestral Legacy and an electro remix of an album track for Veil of Mist.
Thus, despite the distance, both bands have intertwined their styles and personalities to build a real musical bridge between France and Norway, far from the mainstream, and made their -chaotic- paths meet for a dark yet soulful walk.


Trapped Within The Words EP (Self release 10. April 2008)

Nightmare Diaries (Femme Metal Records 1. March 2010)

Terminal (Whispering Voice Records 29. September 2014) Review 1 Review 2 Review 3

The Silent Frontier (Valkyrie Rising 11. January2019, digital version)

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All band pictures by Alf J. Altenborg

Isadora Cortina - Vocals and keyboards

Eddie Risdal - Guitars and vocals

Jon Rune Førland - Guitars and vocals

Christopher Midtsveen Vigre - Drums


Address:  c/o Eddie Risdal, Riseveien 346, N-4820 Froland, Norway